Mental Health

Dr. Dykema has been board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology since 2010. She provides diagnostic evaluation as well as medication management for adults with mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder), psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder), anxiety and trauma-related disorders, ADHD, and substance use disorders.

Dr. Dykema has worked extensively with patients with severe mental illness in the public sector, in both the community mental health and Veterans Affairs systems. She built Uncaged Minds Detroit to offer services to the same vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, in a setting that offers the flexibility for her to go the extra mile for someone when she has to. Patients with Medicaid are not only accepted at Uncaged Minds Detroit, but they will be Dr. Dykema’s top priority.

Dr. Dykema currently provides services via telehealth only. From Dr. Dykema:

“Telehealth popped up a couple decades ago primarily to address RURAL health disparities. Everyone agrees it’s ridiculous to have to drive 120 miles to the nearest psychiatrist. That would take two hours. But working in Detroit last year, I had patients who’d have to catch 2 or 3 buses to get to the clinic to see me. (Detroit’s public transportation system isn’t great.) They’d wait in the cold or walk through unsafe neighborhoods. I remember feeling so bad when a patient would tell me at their 10am appointment that they’d left the house at 7am. It wasn’t unusual.”

“When COVID hit, a lot of mental health providers thought we’d ride out the pandemic, and then get back to normal. But ‘normal’ for a lot of folks in Detroit is taking 2 or 3 buses to wait an hour in a crowded lobby, to see their overbooked psychiatrist for all of 5 minutes. I’ve always known we could do so much better.”

“It took me about 3 days of working from home to realize the ‘new normal’ was, in some ways, way better than the old one. My patients just had to hit a few buttons on their phone to meet with me. They didn’t have to find childcare or catch buses or wait in a crowded lobby downtown. In Detroit, as it turns out, transportation is a bigger barrier to mental healthcare than technology.”

Dr. Dykema offers diagnostic evaluation and medication management. With rare exceptions, Uncaged Minds Detroit only accepts clients who are in currently in treatment with a psychotherapist, as we strongly believe medications should be part of a more holistic recovery plan. We will work in close collaboration with your therapist to be part of your team.

Clients who are currently on probation or parole, and those who have been traumatized by state violence in other ways (police brutality or incarcerated loved ones), are especially encouraged to reach out.