Do it Yourself
Mental Health Modules

Each module of the series will have two components: workbook and workshop. Dr. Dunstan will author workbooks, in collaboration with mental health professionals with expertise in each area. As funding allows in the future, consultants will facilitate a 3-5 session workshop series based on the workbook/manual we have created, allowing the series to be replicated indefinitely.
Wave 1 (target Fall 2023)
  • “Building Your At-Home Yoga Practice” and “Executive Functioning Skills for Neurodivergent Folx.”
Wave 2 (target Winter 2023)
  • “Working with Parts” module (IFS).
  • “Building Your Daily Meditation Practice” module.
Wave 3 (target Spring 2024)
  • “Narrative Exposure Therapy” module.
  • “Somatic Techniques” module.
Wave 4 (target Summer 2024)
  • “Radical Mental Health First Aid” module.
Wave 5 (target Fall 2024)
  • “Lifestyle, Liberated” module.
  • “Plant Medicine/Psychedelics” module.
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