Dr. Dunstan's Publications

Chapbooks / Zines:

Can You Still Feel the Butterflies?

Growth Anatomy: An Atlas on Self-Love

“DIY Meditation Guide”

Creative Nonfiction:

A Letter to My Long-Dead Armenian Great-Grandmother (forthcoming, Wordpeace Magazine)

No, Matt Berninger of The National, I’m Not Going to Treat Your Depression (Drunk Monkeys)

Spiritual Angioplasty (Friends Journal)

Can Fear of Being “Canceled” Become an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? (Slate)

The Psychiatrist’s Catch 22 (Asylum Magazine)

The Forest Hears and the Seagrass Sees  (Oddball Magazine)

The Sisters Wakefield (Drunk Monkeys)

Diastolic Hypertension and Turtle Pose (Switchgrass Review: A Journal of Health, Healing, and Transformation)

Say His Name: Porter Burks; Say What This Is: Genocide (Detroit Riverwise Magazine)

Stopping at a Green Light (Rise Up Review)

We Need to Talk About Jerry (Untenured Magazine)


Starvation by Summertime (forthcoming, LandLocked Magazine)

Dancing on Diamonds (forthcoming, 45 Magazine)

Slithering Serpent (Quibble Lit)

You Can Keep It (Rock Paper Poem)

Deathbed Sheets (Cathexis Northwest Press)

Female Brain Running (Friends Journal)


When I See You: Opening Eyes and Closing Jails (Psychiatric Services)

The Radicalization of a White Psychiatrist (Psychiatric Services)

Jeweled Net: Virtual Therapy, Real Lessons (Psychiatric Times)

No Justice, No Peace: Making Police Obsolete for Those with Mental Health Challenges (American Association of Community Psychiatrists)

Forensic and Nonforensic Clients in Assertive Community Treatment: A Longitudinal Study (Psychiatric Services)

Abrupt Improvement in Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms Upon Discontinuation of Clozapine (Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology)